Shift Happens

February 4, 2022 Geometry soothes me, and I’m not a math person.  When I feel out of sync I stand in front of the Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza church and let Borromini’s architectural genius wash over me.   There’s a a big wooden door on Corso del Rinascimento which isn’t particularly notable and if you don’t

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Summer Snow

Narni, 23 agosto 2021 Dear R. ~ The sun was blazing when I stepped into Narnia the first time, and the only snow I found was written out in black spray paint on a medieval wall, all in caps, SNOW.  Of course I didn’t get there through the wardrobe nor did I see the Witch,

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Sandy Boots

Roma, 17 maggio 2021 Dear R. ~ Saturday we went to the beach.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  I bet you are imagining an Amalfi sun, lemon yellow and bright, the azure ocean water gently tickling my toes, and me with book in hand propped up on a striped lettino, glamorous black sunglasses giving me that

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Coffee To Go

Roma, 16 marzo 2021 Dear R. ~ This morning I did something brutissimo, so bad, so ugly.  I left the house with coffee in a thermos.  The last time I did that was over two years ago before I left the States and moved to Rome. Here it’s a no-no.  Non si fa.  I hid

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Roma, 10 febbraio 2021 Dear R. ~ Because today was one of those splendidly sunny days that are so Rome, the sun using some sort of filter that makes the sky that particular shade of Roman blue, and since it’s been a week of rain, I knew I had to go downtown, go in centro to

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Still Standing

Roma, 2 febbraio 2021 Under the portico I wind my way through the columns freely, weaving in and out tracing a figure eight with each step, my fingers caressing the Egyptian granite.  That I can touch something so ancient, leave my mark, a finger print smeared on it’s porous surface, yet leaving not a trace,

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