All of the Words

Words are beautiful. Words of love, words of thanks, words of comfort. Pleas, demands, and warnings. Prayers. Blessings. Words unsaid. Like buds and pearls strung together, words connect us. They connect us through time and space. Whether shaped into sounds, gestures or movement these words translate our thoughts and feelings: Communication! When they flow I […]

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Shift Happens

February 4, 2022 Geometry soothes me, and I’m not a math person.  When I feel out of sync I stand in front of the Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza church and let Borromini’s architectural genius wash over me.   There’s a a big wooden door on Corso del Rinascimento which isn’t particularly notable and if you don’t

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Still Standing

Roma, 2 febbraio 2021 Under the portico I wind my way through the columns freely, weaving in and out tracing a figure eight with each step, my fingers caressing the Egyptian granite.  That I can touch something so ancient, leave my mark, a finger print smeared on it’s porous surface, yet leaving not a trace,

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