Walking in Rome

Notebook People

It was because of the notebook.  It was the notebook in his blazer pocket, really.  That’s the reason I followed him.  I have a thing for notebooks. My thing is Words & Paper, that’s what I do, that’s who I am. I write. I am never without paper and pencil.  I know it’s old-school and …

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Walk and Write

Walk it out, and then write some more.  That’s what I am doing on Appia Antica today.  I love walking on the ancient Appian Way.  Flanked by soaring Umbrella Pines interspersed with eroded Roman ruins it takes only a few steps on the road to fall into a comfortable rhythm.  Every so often the sampietrini, …

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Roma, 10 febbraio 2021 Dear R. ~ Because today was one of those splendidly sunny days that are so Rome, the sun using some sort of filter that makes the sky that particular shade of Roman blue, and since it’s been a week of rain, I knew I had to go downtown, go in centro to …

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